My Background

My early life played out like so many other mediums - from a young age seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing things that others didn't; being scared of the dark and being alone; and annoying the heck out of my parents with it all.  

I pushed away my abilities in early adulthood - and who could blame me? Connecting with spirits isn't exactly social acceptable (although thankfully Canadian viewpoints are changing) and has a long history of persecution. 

Things changed, however, and my fears were replaced with a desire to heal myself and others. The universe sent me a few perfect nudges and my teacher appeared. 

Like the Paul Shane Spear saying goes - "As one person, I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person."

I will be forever grateful to my mentor Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne Kennedy and everyone who has sat in front of me as a client. 

I love my life. I am blessed and so, so grateful.

My Beliefs

I believe that connection with our Loved Ones does not end with physical death. As energy never dies just changes form, our Loved Ones simply have changed form. While not the same as before, they do connect with us. They want us to live fulfilled and happy lives. They see us. They hear us. Most importantly they still love and care for us - more strongly then before as now it is without the constraints of ego. I believe that everyone can and does connect with Spirit and I love showing people the simple ways how.

I believe that the universe is love and that love is our natural state. That love is the language of the universe and ultimately what we are all seeking.

I believe that you are an infinite being of light capable and deserving of all things wonderful. And it is my joy and privilege to hold space for you and channel the energies that you need today to help you heal in the way that is right and perfect for you in this moment. 

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