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Golden Chakra

How does Reiki work?

Reiki grid works by channeling life force energy (Parana/chi/qi) through the practitioner to the grid where it is then directed to to the people, places, and intentions of the grid. The crystals on the grid assist in magnifying and directing the energy and by adding their properties to the healing.


We can receive distance Reiki, as well as other forms of energy healing, because this energy is not bound by our constructs of time and space. In fact, in Reiki and many other modalities, there is no such thing as time and space. It is all happening right here and right now. It is therefore possible to send energy to anyone anywhere.

Can I request healing for someone without permission

Yes, you can but it will be up to their spirit if they wish to accept it or not. Believe it or not, some people, animals, and plants do not wish to receive. It is intended daily that only those who wish to do so.

Can I add my pet's name to the Reiki grid?

Absolutely. Animals, plants, situations, and places can all receive and benefit from Reiki. Again, as mentioned above, if they do not wish to receive, they will not.

Is adding my name to the Reiki grid the same as doing an in-person or personal distant Reiki session?

While you will receive Reiki in all the mentioned scenarios, the Reiki grid is not a personal Reiki session. You will not receive any feedback and Yolanta Meri will not be working specifically in your energetic field. When working specifically in your field, she is able to focus more energy on specific areas that she becomes aware of during a session. 

Instead, the Reiki grid sends healing to the people, places, situations, animals, listed in the grid with a general intention of a return to an state of overall well-being in the way that is needed for each including clearing non-beneficial energy, balancing and energizing energies and energy centers.

If you are looking for a more personal session, please check our Yolanta Meri's Distance Reiki or In-person Reiki session offerings.

New grid starts the 5th of every month


Monthly Reiki Grid

December 2021
Healing Requests

Add your name or the name of someone you know who wishes to receive Reiki to the next Reiki healing grid.

If you choose in the details section of request form, you may include some details of where you want to focus more of the Reiki such as an illness or situation.

Thanks for submitting your request. Your name will be added to the healing grid

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