... it was truly a beautiful and emotional evening for the both of us. ...Thank you.

D.M, ON, Canada

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Mediumship Readings

Over Zoom!

2 hours
Group Reading Over Zoom
8 sitters max


Gather up to seven of your friends, family, or co-workers for 2 hours of unforgettable validation, healing, and love from your Loved Ones on the other side. Join psychic medium Yolanta Meri as she connects with Spirit to relay their messages to you. There really is life after life.

While psychic medium Yolanta Meri cannot guarantee that all participants receive a reading, it is her intent to bring through as many Spirit Loved Ones as possible.


Mediumship is about receiving the healing, love and, validation that we need. 

Spirit has a plan for our time together. During a reading, we generally hear from who we really hoping to hear from, however, no medium can guarantee that a particular spirit will come through during any reading.

Please come with a genuine desire to connect and an open heart and mind to hear from whomever does come through.

Image by Samuel Austin

[Yolanta] went through detail that no one except me could have known."

Caledon, ON, Canada