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Your Loved Ones in Spirit all ready RSVP'd 

  Add Your Loved Ones in Spirit and it's a party!

2 hours

Virtual and

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If you're planning an event, Spirit has all ready RSVP'd  'YES!'

So why not connect with them in a memorable and meaningful way? 

Here's the deal: Your Spirit Loved Ones want to connect with you and connecting as a group can be really powerful for everyone - you and Spirit.


Group mediumship readings really are  'like a box of chocolates' sometimes funny, deep, bonding, joyful, healing but no matter what there is love and peace.

It really is a party both here and on the Otherside! 

Spirit knows how to bring the group together in shared love, experiences, and silly memories during group readings - sometimes even when they have different Spirit People!

Yes, sometimes two or more Spirit people get together to communicate something they all have in common - ie they dipped pickles into peanut butter - just so that as many messages of togetherness, hope, continuation, and validation can come through do!


And let's face it, Spirit really is amazing!

Options Q & A

Virtual vs. In-person

Spirit is not limited by distance. Either option works.

Mini-sessions vs. 'gallery' style

Gallery style readings are when everyone sits together and Yolanta Meri brings forward a variety of Spirit People throughout your time together. It is one of the most popular group/party mediumship requests and includes the most Spirit People coming though.


Mini-sessions take place away from the main group where one person sit with Yolanta Meri and connect with their Spirit Loved ones.

The best choice for your event really depends on what feel you are going with at your event, other activities, and your group.


Connect with Yolanta Meri, to help decide which option would be ideal for your Group Mediumship event. 

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[Yolanta] went through detail that no one except me could have known."

Caledon, ON, Canada