Is there a correct time to see a medium?

Mediumship is a beautiful tool that can help us in our grieving process or help provide us with the connection and clairty that we need from time to time. 

Having someone translate the language of Spirit for you is helpful and comforting but it is important to remember that mediumship is a tool and not a crutch. Your Loved Ones in Spirit are with you, guiding you, and sending you signs if you see a medium or not.

Your Spirit Loved Ones want - they really, really, really want YOU TO LIVE A WONDERFUL AND FULFILLING LIFE.

Grief Sucks

When our love feels it no longer has a place to go, we experience grief. This is normal, natural and in a way beautiful. Loss is an up and down process that never really ends but does become more manageable - most of the time - with time and some healing work.


You will always love your Loved Ones in Spirit and you will always miss them. Honour yourself and this journey.

Do NOT see a medium if

your Loved One recently passed and you are in deep grief.

you feel like your life cannot go on without your Loved One in Spirit.

If you feel you want to end your life in order to be with your Loved One is Spirit.

Mediumship will not help you in these deeply emotional instances. There is nothing that Spirit can say though the medium that will heal you or make it all better at these times. Instead, your best steps forward are to work on your personal feelings of loss with the help of trained professionals. 

You are needed, wanted and loved here. Your Loved One in Spirit does NOT want to see you leave form to be with them. Your Loved One in Spirit WANTS you to live a really wonderful life and wants to live vicariously through you.

If you are feeling utter despare, or wanting to end your life or not knowing what to do because of your loss, Yolanta Meri and your Spirit Loved Ones, want you to seek assistance. Here are some good resources for you to try:

If you are feeling like you want to end your life or feel like your only option is to be with your Spirit Loved Ones in heaven:

call 9-11

Other Supports

Your family doctor

Affordable Therapy Network

Crisis Services Canada

1-833-456-4566 (crisis line)

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Hotline