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All readings and Reiki are currently being done remotely.


Spirit and energy are not limited by physical distancing. 

So we can all stay safe in our own space and enjoy the connection that we need.

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Reiki feels great and its use as a complimentary therapy is increasing. Its relaxing energies can help move blockages activating natural healing processes and restoring physical & emotional well-being.

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Using her intuition, Yolanta Meri will connect with your energy to gain clarity and insight into what is coming into your life.

Remember, ultimately, you have free will. Use any insight to create the life of your dreams.

Private readings and psychic parties available.



Become attuned to Reiki's healing energies. By becoming a certified Reiki practitioner, you will be able to channel Reiki to yourself and to others.

Reiki level 1 & 2 certification courses.

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The loss of someone we love is life altering.


Experience healing through this celebration of connection while you receive beautiful messages of love and validation from your unique Loved Ones In Spirit. There is life after life.


Private, groups and parties available.


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I had the chance to received message from my love ones that cross over from Yolanta Meri and she is incredible. She went through detail that no one except me could have known. She is also a fantastic Reiki healer, when I feel down I go for a visit and feel so much lighter after a treatment."


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I have been to psychics in the past, but never tried a medium. I was seriously impressed and a little weirded out on what you picked up. Some people came through, but my grandfather came through and took you through our apartment, which you have never seen. He told her amazing details and layout, and my leftover dinner was still out, my fuzzy slippers, I left jewelry out that he wanted me to put back in the box, right down to the jaws shirt I was wearing under my hoodie. Than my ex came through. Very strong and still hilarious. He had a lot to say, details of our past, that nobody knew (the funny feet thing), he mooned her and on and on it went. It was amazing. Yolanta has a gift. It was amazing of her to share it with me!! Thank you so much. So cool!!"


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My daughter and I would like to thank you ...  It was truly beautiful and a very emotional evening for the both of us.  We thank you so much for this opportunity. 
I believe it was truly the work of my parents to have me go on fb and read your post in time to be chosen for the last spot.  Knowing in my heart that they made that happen truly warms my heart and although it's broken and very sad, since they left us, it gave me a little bit of joy to know that they are still with us.  Thank you both once again.  Yolanta Meri was very good."


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Thank you so much for my reading.

You went above and beyond for me.

Thank you so much, you definitely game me some peace of mind."


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I want to thank you for the healing reading today.  It broke the wall I had about [my Loved One]'s passing.  I had asked spirit specifically for a reading like this today and I got it.  It has been 11 yrs since [my Loved One's] passing and I feel a burden has been lifted."


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After our session, I got a sense of (I don’t know how to put it in words) but everything felt ok.  I am so glad my parents and my brother are together and they are still looking down on us and know we all turned out okay and that whatever life throws at us, we will get through it as a family ... Sometimes, when things get rough or at the moment I am indecisive about my own path, at least I know they will guide me and help me make the right decisions


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I've had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Yolanta Meri, as well as witnessing her do many heartfelt and accurate readings. Yolanta Meri is a natural. She has the ability to describe what she is being given in beautiful detail, as well as give lots of context as to whom or where the information belongs. Yolanta Meri's energy is pure and kind and sets you at ease right away. You know that what she is sharing is given with love. I would highly recommend Yolanta Meri as a spiritual medium."


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"Wow! What an experience! Yolanta is amazing. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. Would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


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Yolanta is an extremely talented and gifted Medium. Yolanta Meri can connect with your loved ones seamlessly and provide spot on accurate readings. If you're looking for someone with an attention to detail, please connect with Yolanta Meri, you won't be disappointed."


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Working with Yolanta Meri has been a surprising and comforting journey. She has been able to guide me through some difficult losses with kindness and compassion. I really liked doing the reading online; it didn't impede our appointment at all and was wonderful. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, regardless of location."


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I have witnessed Yolanta Meri few times when she made connections with spirits. Let me tell you what an experience! She is amazing and delivers messages beautifully to the loved ones. She is very passionate person, beautiful inside out. Would highly recommend her to anyone!"


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I recently went for a reading with Yolanta. The detailed information and messages she delivered from Spirit was so accurate and heart warming. Yolanta is a truly gifted medium, do yourself a favor and see for yourself. Highly recommend."


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Before my experience with Yolanta Meri, it had never occurred to me to have a reading. I was aware of mediums and what they did, but I really wasn’t sure if I truly believed in the process. I liked the idea of a new experience so I approached the session with very few expectations and an open mind- and I must say I was shocked by the depth of my own reaction to the connections that we made during our session. I laughed and cried, and I left our session with a renewed love for my family and a heightened curiosity about the more esoteric elements of our world.


First of all, Yolanta Meri’s soothing voice made me feel very relaxed as we chatted over video messenger. She explained how a reading works for her personally before we began attempting to channel my loved ones. To my great surprise, over the course of an hour or so we were able to channel the spirits of my grandfather, great aunt, and a particularly beloved pet of mine that met an untimely end. The little details that came forward were sometimes so utterly random that Yolanta herself had no idea what message was intended to be shared, but when she explained the imagery to me, there was simply no denying the personalities that were communicating with us. I’m very glad I took notes during our session, as some signals didn’t make sense at the time of our reading, but within a few days the connections became glaringly apparent. For example, she kept seeing a vision of two frogs sitting together, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that could mean. Later I realized there was a pair of ceramic frogs on the shelf right beside me where I has been sitting during our session- but in a position that Yolanta certainly never saw with her own eyes. Now I believe the frogs (in additional to other cues) were a message of validation from my loved ones. It was as if they were saying “Hello there! We are with you right now!"


Since the reading, there are moments when I feel the presence of my loved ones, or times when I miss having them around, but now there’s an additional comfort in knowing they are still with us in some form. One of the biggest takeaways was knowing we can ask our ancestors for their support and guidance. There’s a peace and a joy in knowing that the people we love go on existing in some shape and form long after they’ve left the physical realm. Connecting with our dear departed has been a common practise throughout history in many different cultures, but something we are definitely lacking in today’s modern world. Now when I’m alone, I’ll sometimes find myself looking up and smiling at my grandfather’s memory- and I’ll say a few words to him- just in case he’s there watching. I’m sharing my experience today in order to say thank you to Yolanta for enlightening me with her gift. It was an unexpectedly moving and wonderful experience and I recommend it to anybody out there that is seeking closure after a loved one’s passing, or to anyone who simply wants to learn about the more spiritual side of the human experience."


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