Yolanta Meri

Our connection to the spirit world is far greater and more beautiful than we could imagine

The Spirit World Is Closer Than You Know - Connect

In Yolanta Meri's Words...

“I believe that connection with our Loved Ones does not end with physical death. That our Loved Ones are still with us and in many ways more so than they ever could have been before they transitioned. I believe they want us to live fulfilled and happy lives. That they still love and care for us. That they want to connect with them so we understand that they have gone home, are perfectly happy and safe, and visit with us often. “

The Spirit World Loves Connection

“I believe that everyone can and does connect with Spirit and Spirit loves it when we realize our connection to them.

I believe that the universe is love and that love is our natural state.”

You Are Beautiful

“I believe that you are an infinite being of light capable and deserving of all things wonderful. And it is my joy and privilege to hold space for you and channel the energies that you need to help you heal in the way that is right and perfect for you in this moment. “

Psychic Medium

Yolanta Meri

Spirit and energy have always been a major part of my life. In fact, I don’t think I could separate who I am from the  spirit realm.

Seeing Spirit is a family thing. As a little girl, I would hear, know, feel, and see things others couldn’t. While in those early years I precieved some experiences as scary, my grandmother and great grandmother did their best to guide me. It turns out – in my family – I’m not the only medium! ​

Yolanta Meri providing psychic mediumship readings, animal communication, reiki

It's much more wonderful....

One thing that I have come to know is true is that our Spirit Loved Ones are safe, happy, healthy,  STILL with us, and helping us along the way! Our love and connection has no boundaries – not even physical death.

I am so happy to be a psychic medium. I love being in service to others especially to Spirit. I love helping people dissolve fear and live in connection and love. 

“The reality is that we are eternal beings and our bonds with our Loved Ones continue even after physical death”

Clients Say It Best

Since 2017, Yolanta Meri has been connecting people to their Loved Ones in Spirit and Spirit Team through mediumship and psychic readings.