Yolanta Meri

Mediumship Group Readings

Get-together with those closest to you to reconnect with your Spirit Loved Ones together. Bonus - Spirit has all ready RSVP'd 'YES!'

Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Private Mediumship Readings

The loss of someone we love is life altering. Experience healing through this celebration of connection while you receive beautiful messages of love and validation from your unique Loved Ones In Spirit. There is life after life. ​ ​

Psychic Parties

We all have intuitive abilities. In this get-together with a twist, you'll learn to use some of the tools of the trade and see if you're a natural at it.

Private Psychic Readings

Connect with your energy and Spirit Team to gain clarity and insight into what is coming into your life. ​ Remember, ultimately, you have free will. Use any insight to create the life of your dreams.