Yolanta Meri

"This is your story. You get to decide what is next. Choose something beautiful."

 – Yolanta Meri

Private Psychic Readings

20 & 40 min options

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  • Telephone & Video chat options
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  • Daytime & evening appointments avaliable

You always have some form of choice...

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Yes, psychic medium Yolanta Meri believes in both pre-birth plans AND free will choice – manifestation!

Yolanta Meri does believe that everyone has a pre-birth plan in which some (but not all) events, themes, and people are written into a life before birth.

However, how you choose to ‘show up’ these and all the other experiences in your life is ultimately your choice.

Yolanta Meri also believes in free will and that most aspects of life are created by us through our energy and desires now (manifestation). That at any point we can make the choice to manifest something more beautiful. 

Please come with a genuine desire and open mind and heart to receive the clarity and insight you need right now.  Yolanta Meri will only ‘see’ what you are energetically willing to show her and has no desire to judge others for their choices.

For each reading, Yolanta Meri sets the intention that you receive the insights and clarity you need right now so you can make the choices you need in order to live a wonderful life.  

Hesitation, fear, sadness can cloud a reading. Get excited – the insights you are seeking are coming your way. It’s a time to grow and be the best version of yourself. You’ve got this!

Readings are not a replacement for traditional legal, professional, financial, psychological, and/or medical advice. Yolanta Meri is not responsible for the choices you ultimately make.

"Having CHOICE is an amazingly freeing."
Yolanta Meri